Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India is rapidly gaining popularity due to various reasons like a) Low-cost Insurance b) Less waiting time c) More qualified and renowned Doctors and d) Proper medical Infrastructure.

India medical tourism provides complete Health Care solutions and customized medical services for medical tourists in India so that they stay in India and return home is completely relaxing.Medical tourism in India primarily focuses on hassle-free medical treatment. India is a perfect destination for medical tourism that combines health treatment with visits to some best crowd pullers across the globe.

Health tourism India is attracting thousands of patients from all over the world not only because of the expert medical care ad expertise but also due to equipment and facilities that India has to offer. Innumerable medical tourists visit India to get Medical treatments in Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery, Extra Cranial-Intra Cranial Bypass Surgeries, Carotid-End-Arterectomies and Angioplasties, Neurological treatments for Parkinsonism, Multiple Sclerosis, Newer Psycho-Neuro pharmacological treatments, Joint Replacements and Endoscopic Surgery, Transplants, Cosmetic treatments and Plastic Surgeries, Dental Care and Orthodondistry, Implants, Maxillo-facial Surgery, Orthoscopic techniques and Orthopaedic Surgery and more.

Health treatment in India also include Pathological tests for all diseases and conditions, Comprehensive Physiological and Gynecological Examinations, Audiometry, full body pathology, comprehensive physical and gynecological examinations, Chest X-ray, 12 lead ECG, coronary risk markers, cancer risk markers, high strength MRI, Spirometry, Ophthalmic Examinations, Chest X-rays, Mammographies, 12 lead ECG, 2D Echo Colour Doppler, Gold Standard DXA Bone Densitometry, Body Fat Analysis, Coronary Risk Markers, Cancer Risk Markers, CT Scans for non-invasive Coronary Blockages Detection, High Resolution MRIs, Functional MRIs, PET [Positron Emission Tomography] Scans, CT-PET Scans for early and painless detection of malignancies etc.

Medical tourism in India includes stay and travel arrangement, medical treatment, post-procedure consultation, rejuvenation and follow up. All medical treatments and investigations in India are done using the latest, technologically advanced diagnostic equipment. Indian doctors have acquired expertise and name in the field in performing successful Cardiac Surgeries, Bone Marrow Transplants, Liver Transplants, Orthopaedic Surgeries, and other medical treatments. Therefore it will not be wrong to say that India is in the process of becoming the ultimate Global Health Destination.

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