The best way to see a Puducherry city

Looking for a weekend destination that offers picturesque beaches, spiritual retreat and a multi-cultural well then Puducherry is the perfect weekend getaway for you. The city is bestowed with natural beauty with majestic views

Here are some of the points that help Puducherry stand put as a weekend destination:

French influence: From restaurants to buildings architecture the houses, churches heritage buildings and monuments in Puducherry provide an alluring insight into French influence on the city.

Pristine Beaches: From the famous rocky beach to the lesser known beach stretches. The city has some of the finest and breathtaking beaches where you can take a sun bath or enjoy coconut water.

Spiritual gratification: Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Maatrimandir attract thousands of spiritual seekers and tourists (because of its majestic architecture) from all over the world. The ashram is set in tranquil surroundings and it aims to enlighten people about their spiritual well-being. People from all faiths and religion are welcome here. 

Water sports: Though India is blessed with a long coastal line but there are very few places where one can try their hand at water sports. Puducherry offers tourists a chance to learn and enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, surfing etc.

How to reach Puducherry:

By Air: The closest international airport to Puducherry is in Chennai, which is around 135 kilometres from Puducherry (approx. three hour journey by road). Chennai has excellent flight connections with most of the in India. Many main global cities are also connected to Chennai. Trichy airport (220 kms), Bangalore (320 kms) and Madurai are the other nearby airports.

By Rail: Pondicherry has its own railway station, but not all trains stop here, so it is advisable to take a train to Chennai and then proceed to Puducherry by road journey.

 By Road: Puducherry is well connected by road to almost all major cities of south India.

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