Top Beach Holiday Destinations in India


The laid-back town of Gopalpur-on-Sea is an idyllic getaway; a not-so-secret beach retreat with a fierce band of loyalists who come here with the regularity of devotion pilgrims. The town is shorn of religious and historical associations, Gopalpur has managed to avoid the great vacationing public.        Combined with a trip to Bhubaneswar or visited on its own merit, Gopalpur is always a welcome getaway.

Goa Beaches

Goa is the most preferred tourist destination both among locals as well as globe trotters; goa beach holidays attract numerous tourists to its sands every year. On Goa beach tours one can see couples, families, enjoying here as people of every age enjoy a splash in Goan water. Goa beach vacation invites all kinds of people, from laidback to adventurous. It’s not hard to spot Water scooters buzzing in shallow sea water and Colorful parachutes dotting the skylines. Others prefer to lie motionless, tanning in the sun or enjoy under umbrellas. On a Goa beach vacation one can also relish lip-smacking sea food at the food shack lined at the beaches. Goa holiday package has something for everybody from local tourists to Fair-skinned visitors. Goa Package deals are availed by many so that they can enjoy at their favorite destination without spending too much. There are numerous famous beaches in Goa one of the most famous being Anjuna, the original hippy beach where Goa, a place where on Saturdays tourists throng to buy cheap yet artistic stuff, flea market takes place every Saturday evenings. The most popular flea market is lined up on Wednesday, the venue of this market is south on Baga beach. Indeed Goa beach tours offer a trip across the stretch from Baga all the way down to Calangute, Sinquerim and Aguada is the most happening tourist beach strip in Goa. Goa holiday deals offer excellent deals and negotiated rates for tourists who wish to travel across beaches the Goa.
Goa is a fascinating mixture of ancient traditions and modern images – gleaming white baroque churches presiding over paddy fields and jungles, old Goan homes and European style city squares bristling with life. Then there is Old Goa, Rome of the East, home of the incorruptible body to St. Francis Xavier.  Tourism is an important industry in the state, thanks to miles of unspoilt beaches and the excellent hotels and tourist facilities.


Kerala is a virtual slash of green vegetation that down the southeast corner of India. The romantic backwaters, wildlife sanctuaries, beach resorts, aromatic spice gardens, tea and coffee estates, mysterious rubber plantations, charming cities adorn this beautiful state of India.  Kerala is truly blessed with the bounty of nature. And it is served up with a generous helping of a living cultural heritage.

Best of East

Despite the influx of a growing number of tourist, Eastern India has been able to retain its un-spoilt aura of snowy mountains, forested hillsides, ancient monasteries and blooming orchidariums. Here tradition blends nicely with modern development, giving visitors the best of both worlds. Eastern India is entirely mountainous with some of its territory is covered with dense forests where a hundred varieties of wild orchids thrive. Much of the forests in the higher northern reaches are inaccessible and, thankfully, unexploited.


Andaman Beaches offers tourists a chance to experience and explore untouched nature. It is only around 20 years ago in the year 1992 that the Andaman islands were opened for foreign visitors for the first time, Indians too have very recently have seriously considered Andaman beaches as tourist spots and therefore most of beaches here offer natural, serene environment that is unscathed by tourist rush.   Andaman beach holidays can take you to an alien world as you can explore the underwater world with the help of several water activities such as scuba diving.  Scuba Diving can be a terrifying experience as it is opens the door to an unknown underwater world, but with the help of professional instructors, tourists can conquer their fears and venture into the fascinating underwater world. Andaman beach tours acquaint you with the Bay of Bengal waters that are alive with beautiful fishes and water animals that seemed to belong to another planet. Over the recent years Andaman beach vacation has attracted numerous tourists to its shores, innumerable local and foreign tourists venture around 3000 islands in the Bay of Bengal to be enchanted by natural beauty of the area. Andaman holiday packages offer tourists a great way to explore the virgin beaches of South India. Andaman Package deals have allowed several tourists to travel across the beaches of Andaman at affordable prices. Andaman holiday deals lets tourists indulge in diving, scuba diving and many other adventurous water sport activities, without burning a hole in their pocket.

Andaman and Nicobar group consists of over 3,000 islands in the Bay of Bengal, off the east coast of the country. Around 265 of these are uninhabited. Many of the other are peopled by tribes that have had no or minimum contact with modern civilization. Port Blair is the headquarters of the territory has regular scheduled flights and ships to ferry the tourists.

Daman & Diu Beaches

Daman & Diu beaches offer a variety of getaway options for those who wish to explore. Each day is a new experience with the Daman & Diu holiday packages on offer. The proximity to the Gujarat landmass along with ease of access through the nearby metro cities makes it an ideal beach holiday destination for the weekend traveler. There are a host of travel companies / portals offering a variety of Daman & Diu holiday deals that suit every pocket. The beaches of Daman & Diu form an integral part of the tourism industry of the Union Territory. There are many Daman & Diu beach tour operators for the beautiful Nagoa, Devka and Jampore Beaches; famous beaches of Daman and Diu that attracts tourists from the different parts of the world. Nagoa Beach is a secluded area that is one of the most beautiful beaches of the country and is situated about 20 minutes from Diu. Devka Beach is situated in the north of Daman and has a long shore line. Tourists can also unwind themselves at Jampore beach which is situated near Gujarat in the southern fringe of the Union Territory. Tourists planning a Daman & Diu beach vacation can also explore the Chakratirth, Gomatimala, Kevdi and Goghla beaches. Indeed, tourists from all corners of India and across the world take Daman & Diu holiday deals and come to this little state on the west coast of the country primarily for its beaches and once here, indulge in its pleasures.

Orissa beach holidays

Odisha previously called as Orissa has one of the most majestic beaches in India. Odisha (Orissa) is not only famous for the archeological sites of historic importance but also for its striking sandy beaches with white sands. Beaches in Odisha (Orissa) can truly entice and enchant you in a festive mood. All this can be a dream come true experience with the Orissa beach tours on offer.

With a vast coastline Odisha (Orissa) still houses some relatively virgin or quite unexplored beaches. Endowed with nature’s bounty, Odisha (Orissa) is dotted with exquisite beaches like Chandipur, Puri and Gopalpur on Sea with each having a unique feature of its own. Orissa holiday packages offer all this and more. Orissa beach holiday packages offer an opportunity to explore all beaches of the state, as one strolls across the 250 miles eastern coastline one notices that each beach has a distinct personality.

The Chandipur beach is special because it observes a retreat of the sea everyday by several kilometers. Balighai Beach also attracts numerous tourists for offering a clear view of a river meeting the sea, an inspirational picture for creative professionals. Another striking attraction is the famous Puri Beach which offers a paranomic view of the Indian seas.

With each of the beaches having something unique to offer, the Odisha (Orissa) Beach Tour can prove to be a real treat for the senses. Odisha (Orissa) Beaches are being flocked by an increased number of tourists with each passing year.

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